Natural Stone Sealer Satin

Natural Stone Sealer is a tried and tested weather proof solvent based sealer system for natural stone and cement tiles.

Available in 5 Lt

Top Seal

Top Seal is a tough and durable surface sealer that protects a tiles surface from wear and tear.

Available in 5 Lt

Maxi Shine

Maxi Shine is a long lasting, self-shining, anti slip polymer polish.

Available in 5 Lt

Industrial Bituminous Aluminium Paint

A high quality bituminous aluminium paint with good heat deflecting and anti-corrosive properties.

Available in 20 Lt

Industrial Quick Drying Enamel

A fast drying, finishing enamel suitable for spraying on metal surfaces.

Available in 20 Lt

Quick-Drying Enamel

High gloss quick-drying enamels for spray application. Reduce with enamel or lacquer thinners.

Available in 20 Lt

Bitusol Black Bitumen

A black bituminous paint used on galvanized iron sheeting and on steel. Contains no aluminium.

Available in 20 Lt

Speciality Surface Restorer

A clear solution of carefully selected binders to give controlled penetration and excellent binding to chalky and friable surfaces, resulting in a sound surface to apply paint.

Available in 20 Lt

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