Plascon Velvaglo is an extremely tough premium quality, protective and decorative finish for interior walls and trim work.

Available in 5 Lt

Double Velvet

Plascon Double Velvet is a low odour, premium quality velvet sheen wall coating that is highly washable and stain resistant.

Available in 5 Lt

School Board Paint

A specially formulated paint for use on blackboards.

Available in 5 Lt

Magnetic Blackboard Paint

A solvent-based matt black paint that attracts magnets and is suitable to use as a school board paint.

Available in 1 Lt

Premium Eggshell Enamel

Prominent Eggshell Enamel is a premium quality enamel with a subtle sheen that has excellent hiding power.

Available in 20 Lt

Wall & All

Plascon Wall & All is a premium quality, extremely durable, washable and pure acrylic emulsion sheen paint.

Available in 20 Lt

TradePro Brilliant Sheen

Plascon TradePro Brilliant Sheen is a superior quality washable and durable acrylic paint for both interior and exterior surfaces.

Available in 20 Lt

Super Acrylic Polvin

Plascon Super Acrylic Polvin is a superior water-based quality acrylic emulsion paint.

Available in 5 Lt

Trend Sheen

Hard-wearing satin finish coating.

Available in 20 Lt

Low Sheen

A low sheen, smooth acrylic paint that is suitable for interior and exterior use.

Available in 20 Lt

Signature Low Sheen

A highly affordable, washable multi-purpose acrylic paint for use on interior and exterior walls.

Available in 20 Lt

Ultra Prime

A high-performance, superior quality water based primer formulated for interior and exterior use.

Available in 20 Lt

Select Wall & Ceiling

A premium quality matt acrylic paint for walls and ceilings with a low odour, with excellent coverage for interior and exterior use.

Available in 20 Lt

Select Sheen

A low VOC high quality velvet smooth acrylic sheen emulsion for interior & exterior walls.

Available in 20 Lt

Select Universal Undercoat

An excellent quality alkyd based undercoat.

Available in 20 Lt

Select Matt

A high quality UV resistant interior/exterior matt acrylic with low VOC level for walls and ceilings.

Available in 20 Lt

Select High Cover Matt

A high hiding alkali resistant primer coat for interior and exterior use.

Available in 20 Lt

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